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Tidy Space.
Happy Mind.

Private home organizer, one-on-one coaching that helps you tidy your house, mind, and life.

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Hi there!​

I am Lucine, founder of  "T'idea by Lucine".

I was born in the mid-80's (Yes, I did listen to mixtapes and back then, there was no such thing  as MP3 or Spotify).​

Since my younger age, I always liked to keep things organized and tidy for my own personal space.

Later, very naturally, I started helping my family, friends and neighbors to declutter, organize, re-organize and tidy their home.  I quickly realized that helping others gives me a lot of energy as I can see the positive impact I can bring to my client's lives.

Supporting my clients made me aware that my strengths and enthusiasm lie in supporting others to create the home or spaces they want. With some reading, research and discussions around me, I discovered a whole industry of Professional Organizing and Decluttering to help people !​

Over the past decade, my professional career has been mainly dedicated to process improvement and project management roles which I enjoy a lot for its structured and lean environment, allowing me to apply my organizational and detail-oriented skills.​


My goal is to help others be less overwhelmed with their belongings and share my organized and minimalist ways.

Together we'll make space in your life for your passions and hobbies, but also in your head.​ ("The things you own end up owning you"-Tyler Durden)


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Lucine did a fantastic job helping organising my rooms. She has a great way of sharing her knowledge and she made sure I can continue the work we did together and apply it to other areas in my house.

Thank you again, Lucine !

Pauline, Landsmeer, NL

I am a mother of three children and since my early childhood I have not been organised. Lucine helped me tremendously in the organisation of my house. No more stress of finding the right pants with the t-shirt that goes with it, thanks to Lucine, my children see all their Clothes right away. It's a real time saver and a source of fewer irritations for everyone.

For my kitchen, I also gained in time and especially in space with Lucine's tips. And finally, my administrative papers are nicely organised.

To sum up, everything is in its place and I would like to thank Lucine for her precious help.

Alexandra, Paris, FR

Lucine is a very pleasant person and full of good advice and tips. Thanks to her, my living room and shelves have been reorganised in a harmonious and practical way. She knows perfectly what she is doing and takes into account all desires and requests, it's a real pleasure!

Since her visit, everything is in order and in its place. I highly recommend her, because in addition to being professional, she is a lovely person ;-)

Erika, Amsterdam, NL

I have used the help of Lucine to help me with organisation in general. We decided to start with the kitchen and I was impressed with the result we reached together! I didn’t expect her to help me so much. She first made an assessment so she could determine how easy it would be for me to access everything, but also so that we organise in a way that would make sense for my family and our habits. I highly recommend the service of Lucine if you are in desperate need of more organisation and peace of mind like I was. Looking forward to continue with the rest of the house !

Valerie, Amstelveen, NL

Service coverage

Areas served: 

I mainly cover the Great Amsterdam areas.

It is possible to travel to multiple provinces in the Netherlands.

Please get in touch if you’re not sure whether you’re within our service area or if you have a project abroad (within EU)

Langages spoken: 

  •   English     


  •   French           


  •   Dutch

  •   Armenian

  •   Turkish

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