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My Services

You want to optimize your kitchen in order to easily find your belongings, have a good view on your kitchen cabinets and prevent throwing away food which was expired since 2021 because it was all the way at the bottom of the drawer?

Your closet is throwing up clothes and you do not know how to organize them in order to have a good view and not stand 15 minutes in front of it wondering "What am I going to wear today?"

Your bathroom has product you keep "just in case" or maybe expired but do not have time to sort them out?

Your kids has too many toys from when they "were a baby" until toddler and grown up age and you do not get the time to filter them out while buying new ones?

If you recognise yourself or want to challenge any other areas in your home / apartment then you came to the right place.

See the T'idea process I am following to give you a flavour of the work I can do for you !

Declutter process (1).png

Different people, different levels of service, different prices

Prices are an indication, discount available for bigger projects

T'idea Online 

30 Eur / Hour

Advices tailored to your needs. Delivered in the form of supportive online coaching sessions with documentation per room.

T'idea Complete

80 Eur / Hour

Sit back and relax.

I take care of the tasks!

T'idea Partnership

65 Eur / Hour

We set goals to organize your space together. Go through all the steps as a team, working hand in hand.

T'idea on the move

80 Eur / Hour

Moving house?

Pack /unpack, I can support on each steps of the move or relocation adventure.

Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

We tailor our services based on your needs, so do our prices!

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